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Lotus Service Center

Lotus has been a pioneer for the world of auto racing, always using the latest, most cutting edge technology to design and construct the most innovative sports and racing cars for both on and off the track. Lotus cars have been highly respected for their impeccable engineering and performance.

  • Carefully inspect all suspension assemblies for damage.
  • The ball joints, track rods, shocks and the anti-roll bar need to be intact.
  • A design flaw in pre-2006 cars magnified the sun’s light, allowing the inside of the headlamp housing to become melted by the sun.
  • Use fully synthetic 5w40. Oil changes should be performed every 7,500 miles, or every 3,500 miles for a tracked car.
  • The Elise is an on-rails handler, known for its tight steering. You don’t want to see any slop in the mechanism, at all.
  • The rotors on the Elise have a short life expectancy.
  • Coil free overs are common.
  • Rain infiltration is a common issue with all Lotus models.
  • The steering rack is prone to wear.
  • They tend to wear quicker than on other makes and models.
  • Some have reported that the under tray can often come loose.
  • Every 30k we do spark plugs.
  • Every 45k we do transmission fluid.