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1946 Kurtis Kraft #4 and was #5

This car was purchased from the Kurtis Kraft company in 1946 by Dallas Gorman of St. Louis. MO. It was registered in St. Louis area racing association for 28 years. The Car has a lot of history. Championship for Dallas Gorman in 1959 and 1960 with Arnie Knapper at the wheel. In 1963 driven by Gene Weyant. In 1964 and 1965 was driven by Danney Frye and in 1970 it was driven by Burt Wilson and Many More. All this with a Offy Engine. At the time this car’s number was 5. Some of the tracks the car raced at are; Indianapollis Raceway park. St. Charles Speedway and also been at the vintage circuit in the Midwest and East for a few years. The car started with a V8 60 Engine, had a few Alfa, now runs on Ford 2300 engine. The History of the time it was a number 4 and number 5 can be found in the Kurtis Kraft Story Book written by Ed Hitze and a Genealogy of Speed Book by Bill Montgomery. This is an amazing car with great history. Lot’s of fun! See history of some of the wins at: