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1955 Facel Vega FV-1

The Facel Vega were hand-built, exclusive, stylish, fast, and luxurious. One of 32 Built; Fewer than 10 exist. Robust Chrysler Hemi Power Concours & Rally Participant. Their high price tag made them affordable only to the wealthy or those of considerable means. The name 'Vega' was taken from the brightest star in the Lyra constellation. The cars were built in coupe configuration with the bodywork welded to a tubular-steel chassis. Power came from Detroit, more specifically - from Chrysler, with their 4.5-liter V8 engine that produces 180 horsepower. Gearbox, with a push-button automatic. This car is finished in black over white with blue-piped stone upholstery. In 2007 it was brought to the Bonhams Auction, An Important Sale of Collectors' Motorcars and Automobilia, held at the Quail Lodge Resort & Golf Club in Carmel, California. This car was originally delivered to the United States on July 12, 1955. The original owner was a Mr. Lewis Milestone, the Academy Award-winning director. Best remembered for his films All Quiet on the Western Front, Two Arabian Nights and Ocean's Eleven, Mr. Milestone spent much of the 1950s in Hollywood, working on the small screen. The car left the factory equipped with a radio and an automatic transmission. This car is believed to be the only third Face-Vega equipped with an automatic transmission from the factory. This car was seen and participated on the California Mille.

Sterling Moss, received a brand new Facel every year from the factory, and would nearly always eschew other forms of transport to and from race meeting all over Europe in favour of this noblest of steeds. The fact that Dean Martin owned one gives the car its cool creds. Also Frank Cinatra, Picasso and Ava Gardner are few of the owners that had a Facel Vega.

The Facel wasn't just the perfect gentleman's steed in the cut of exterior jib, the interior was high-end gentleman's club meets the early manifestation of the Playboy mansion. It oozed just the right sort of sophistication crossed with a burliness that predated automotive political correctness by an aeon.

The Facel Vega FV1 was blessed with more than fantastic roadholding capabilities in it's days and the car was very luxurious. A full leather interior, "royal" seats and power windows added to the sheer comfort. The engine and transmission also added their part to the comfortable ride, the large V8 engine came from Chrysler. This reliable engine offered lots of torque and it gave the Facel FV1 the possibility to drive at high cruising speeds without any effort and with great comfort for the passengers. All brightwork details, also the complex shaped bumpers, on the car are made of stainless steel. What else could we expected of Facel being a specialist manufacturer of stainless steel products. These very exclusive and scarce automobiles are almost never offered for sale. V8 engine, Hemi, type Fireflite, 4770, 200 bhp. at 4400 rpm. The addition of the Chrysler motor meant that Facel was one of the first manufacturers to combine European styled body work with a big reliable American V8. The Facel Vega's were expensive and highly exclusive but they sold well, particularly amongst film stars and the rich and famous. With the passage of time the newer models became increasingly more expensive as extra improvements and features were introduced.